Collette Divitto – My Journey Is Just Beginning

The Emails And Messages I Get Just Break My Heart So I Am Doing Something About It.

I stay up late at night, often reading messages and emails to me and my Mom Rosemary. We get so many emails and notes about other young adults and children struggling in their schools and social circles to be accepted. They are sometimes in dummy down classes and not included in many sports or activities. Sometimes they aren’t included in classes at all.  Oh and on the flip side, which happened to me, the school did not care what class to put me in, all they cared about was filling my schedule and saying I was included. Meanwhile those were the most debilitating years of my life. I was put in classes they were about chemistry, politics, history, and geometry. I have no clue what was happening in the class. What I did know was I was sitting in a corner with an aide breathing over me trying to get me to do some dumb worksheets, but I was included.

That year I lost all my confidence and I became very depressed and felt I was not like the other students, in fact, I would never be. I was dumb.  That’s what inclusion did for me. I started to stay in my room at home all the time, I began eating and eating all bad food and I just didn’t care. It was a year of darkness for me.  Now I am reading messages from families experiencing the same thing. And it is breaking my heart to know this is happening to another person. In fact thousands.

I think about how my Mom saved me and what she did for me. It became clear to her, Rosemary, that fighting for me and obtaining what was best for me would become full time strategy and battle.

A very determined and passionate Mom, she worked around the clock for me and worried everyday at how the world saw me so different, and how the teachers and advocates had such low expectations of me. My Mom is all about game plans and managing projects, being an entrepreneur herself, so I became her project.  She studied child development and recorded baselines, goals, and achievements for me.

She developed my school curriculums and ways to make the teachers, aides, and advocate accountable, in order to guarantee success for me. My Mom was determined to prepare a pathway for me to achieve the best life possible.

Now years later, and I am so grateful for the confidence and leadership skills I have learned, and I am in a great place and want to help others that are struggling!  I asked my Mom to team up with me and we talked about how we can help more and more families, besides at our speaking events.

Bam. Online mentoring and coaching!

Rosemary and I will be sharing all the strategies and curriculums she prepared for me and the secrets to getting what was needed. She will be mentoring and coaching families and is hoping teachers and advocates will join as well, to learn how to better the system.  I will be mentoring families that want to learn how to start up a business! The coaching will be 4x a month and the details can be found on our non profit website

Our expertise will be relative to the specific needs you need to know for your child’s journey. Weekly topics will be discussed with q&a to ensure you obtain the information you need for your child. Let us help you!  Your child deserves the best chance at the best life possible!

Fees are tax deductible!

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