Collette Divitto – My Journey Is Just Beginning

Collette’s First Blog – The Royal Birthday

What I am excited about this month : We are having a surprise Royal Birthday Party for my grandmother who is 80. We are decorating ROYAL and all wearing fascinators. We call my Grandmother Mimi and she is an amazing leader of our family. My Grandfather Pop Pop died 12 years ago in a train derailment in Florida. I miss him so much. We all do. But my Mimi has taught all of us how important family and faith is and to make a difference in the world and always be willing to help others. When I was born my Mom tells me she didn’t know what having a child with Down Syndrome meant and what to expect. She says that was the hardest part it. And it was Mimi that walked in the room smiling, singing with gifts and flowers celebrating my entrance and news! She is so strong and faithful that is was no question to her that I belonged to my mother for a reason. She has taught all of us how to face your problems or weaknesses, help those less fortunate, be grateful, and above all trust in God. My Mom is a perfect example of that because of Mimi, and I am a perfect example of my Mother. Parents and the environment they create, create us.

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